The 70 acre lake is spring fed and chlorinated for optimal swim conditions.  The race will almost certainly be wetsuit legal with race day temperatures typically 65-70 degrees.  The 70.3 mile distance [1.2 miles] & Olympic distance [0.93 miles] competitors will circumnavigate Boney Island counterclockwise.  The Sprint distance [300 yards] competitors will swim a u-shaped route. Buoys are always on the swimmer's left shoulder.





Bike - Presented By Performance Bike

Safety is our #1 concern so the bike course is completely closed to vehicles.  Police, traffic control officers & experienced, well-trained volunteers will insure your safety along the entire course.   This is a PR course which is almost completely flat with 80% on pristine asphalt. Timing mats will be placed on course to record split times and to insure that the proper distances were completed.

  • Sprint - 1 circuit - 9.81 miles

  • Olympic - 3 circuits - 24.53 miles

  • 70.3 mile  - 7 circuits + 1 "mini-lap" - 55.64 miles


The mini-lap, pictured above is completed after the 7 full circuits on the 70.3 mile course and only then should the athlete return to transition.





The run area is a hub for hikers, joggers, in-line skaters, birders, photographers, not to mention herps and plant enthusiasts.


The run progresses clockwise around the Sante Fe Dam Lake with a paved trail that ridges the south side of the lake and a well-traversed trail on the north side of the lake.


The Sprint distance is a 3.1 miles [1 lap], Olympic is 6.2 miles [2 laps]  and the 70.3 Mile is 13.1 miles [4 laps] around the Sante Fe Dam Lake.  


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